Sony htz9f cutting out

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Sony htz9f cutting out

Just updated the firmware. The TV audio cuts out every min. If I recycle the receiver, it works again. I am using ARC. Pretty unhappy about this. I want a rollback function.

We are sorry to hear this issue.

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In this case, please follow the guideline from the link below to resolve this sound issue:. Yes and it's driving me crazy.

I have 55' xG and the last few weeks the sound keeps cutting out on my Denon av receiver arc every 30 minutes. Did factory reset as mentioned above and it did not solve the problem. Wife wants me to return the TV This completely breaks tv functionality for my family.

Hi, seph13x! We are sorry but there's no way to revert the old firmware version after the current or latest version has been installed. Aside from the steps provided above, you may also follow the troubleshooting steps on the link below to help us isolate the issue.

I'm experienced this issue as well and it's been worsening to the point where it has a reverse effect. Hi, absurrrd! We regret to hear that you're having issues with your SONY product, please provide us with the model number of your TV and your AV receiver so we can better assist you.

Thanks for your response.

My Sony Bravia sound keeps cutting out every now and again ,can anyone help me please

I have an open case and am already being helped by your customer advocacy department. It's been my experience when I do a factory reset it makes the cutoff even shorter. Does seem like a strange problem Sound cuts out every minutes to receiver with any built in apps until I restart.

sony htz9f cutting out

No problems until latest update. I sent you a private message. Please check your Community inbox. The earc is connected to my new denon xh AVR. I would have to turn off the Denon which automatically gets the sound back on the xg speakers, then turn back on the Denon to restore the sound thru hometheater speakers.

sony htz9f cutting out

I have tried various cables, including a HDMI 2.It's a statement in itself, unashamedly bold and making no attempts to blend into the background. In that there's a lot to love, but does you get more thanks to this all-in-one approach? Well actually, yes, you do Those with kids will want to keep the grille in place to keep fingers off these lovely details.

The soundbar is joined by a wireless subwoofer that's larger than average. Its front is mesh, while the top plate gets a black metal finish, which is very industrial looking and matches the serious looks of the bar, resulting in a solid lump of sub. Soundbars sit in a funny place. In the good old days, running any sort of audio feed from your TV to a soundbar would bring the gift of better sound. Things are now much more complicated, with many more devices and sources vying for the attention of your eyes and ears.

That's the advantage that AV receivers have always offered: myriad connections means plenty of flexibility, not to mention the uplift in audio prowess. For the humble soundbar in the modern era, there's something of a wilderness opening up, because it's easy to offer a connection, but probably not all the connections a modern setup needs. For many, the solution is to connect everything to the TV and use the audio return channel ARC to bring the sound back to the soundbar.

All the connections sit on the rear of the soundbar, with a respectable sized cut-out to accommodate some of the plugs.

If you want to use the second or third HDMI these face rearwards on the back so don't get hidden as well. This is also where you'll find the Ethernet connection. Design aside, the ST solves the problem of not having enough connections. If you've run out of connections on your TV or prefer to route everything though the soundbar and just run the one cable up to your TV, then you're well covered here. For an Atmos soundbar we think this flexibility is a little more attractive, as you might want to be connecting something like your Ultra HD Blu-ray player separately to the TV and the soundbar.

The Sony ST doesn't just offer these connections, it gives you something of a user interface UI too. Hit the home button on the remote - which is also pretty good quality compared to some home cinema devices - and you'll have a page open on the TV that displays the connections and setup for your soundbar.

You can use this UI to switch inputs, although the remote lets you skip through the inputs too. This is a little slow to happen, as the input starts flashing and then requires a second press of the controller to get moving.

Sony HT-Z9F Soundbar Review

That's fine for the geek who sets it all up, but when your mother pops over and wants to play Star Wars Battlefront on your Xbox, it becomes a process of trial and error to find an input that works. Note - there's only an optical cable in the box and to take advantage of the higher quality sound formats this soundbar offers, you will need an HDMI cable connection.

Before we talk about the quality - which is great by the way - we'll just give mention of additional services that the ST supports. We mentioned the network connection that this soundbar offers both wired Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi and that opens the door to a wider range of music options. This is both a Spotify Connect and Chromecast Audio compatible device, meaning that once you've got it connected to your home network you'll be able to have it seamlessly play your Spotify music, or a range of other services through the Chromecast option - such as TuneIn Radio or the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

Spotify is likely to be high on people's lists, meaning you can control Spotify playback on the ST directly from your phone, tablet or computer.Sony uses its lauded processing skills to do some magical things with its products, from ultra-thin TVs with speakers built directly into the screen, to tiny music players loaded with digital upscaling for high-end wireless performance.

Like other virtual surround soundbars, this is not a substitute for a fully discrete Dolby Atmos system. The Z9F arrives in the familiar L-shaped package common for most new soundbars with wireless subwoofer accompaniment.

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Opening the box and removing the jigsaw foam surrounding the system reveals an all-black bar with a triple-dot of silver drivers on the front face. Also inside is a magnetically affixed grill, a button-laden remote and batteries, a startup guide, and an HDMI cable. Our system also came with a pair of adorable little surround satellites which connect wirelessly and require a power source.

As mentioned, we like the look of the Z9F, with or without the perforated screen on the front — use as you prefer, depending on how rambunctious your living room might be. Touch controls on the top of the bar for power, source, and volume keep the minimalist black aesthetic clean, while a slim silver line protruding from the front adds a bit of style.

The bar sits three inches tall, four inches deep, and 40 inches across, easily fitting most TV stands. The subwoofer, a nondescript black hunk with a glossy bass port up front, is a larger affair, standing just over 15 inches high and deep, and just under 8 inches wide.

The Z9F also supports Wi-Fi and loads in Chromecast support for wireless streaming over your network in addition to Bluetooth.

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When it comes to surround processing, the Z9F is stocked with pretty much everything under the sun. The remote also hosts handy volume keys for sound bar volume, subwoofer level, and the surround sound satellites should you choose to add them. Sony is coy about its driver specs, but we do know the Z9F offers just the three visible drivers up front, alongside one forward facing driver in the subwoofer, with a total power plant of watts.

Menu options are intuitively broken down into Watch for all your connected componentsListen with icons for Bluetooth, Chromecast, or Spotify Connectand Settings. You can also simply toggle to different sources via the designated buttons on the remote. We honestly never really needed it, but as audio nerds, it still feels weird not to have it, especially with a system so otherwise packed with features.

As such, we used the feature sparingly. The whistles of the jungle birds appeared to pop up above the screen, while the wind almost floated by our face as the camera dove into the trees.

The Dolby Amaze scene offered a similar experience, seeming to unfold at the front of the room in a deep globe, while the bar and subwoofer melded together for powerful bass and striking high frequencies that blasted the room with distortion-free sound.

Auditioning other content, from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. That said, the speakers sound surprisingly clear and full considering their size, and if you want to fill in the surround gaps, they do a fine job of it. The satellites are also easy to adjust on the fly via the remote. Letting the system stream in the background, the bar and sub again proved how seamlessly they work together. Sony offers a limited one-year warranty for the HT-Z9F. You can learn more about warranty details here.

That said, there are plenty of other options to consider. The system appears to be well-built and Sony is a reliable brand, while its feature set make it primed for the foreseeable future. Sony HT-Z9F 3. Sizzling jungle sounds tickled our ears, blooming from the front of the room like a bubble. The best computer speakers for 1 day ago. The best soundbar deals for April Bose, Samsung, Sonos 1 day ago. The best gaming speakers for 2 days ago.

The best soundbars for 4 days ago. The best Xbox One headsets for 1 day ago. The best PS4 headsets for 1 day ago.What does a Dolby Atmos soundbar look like? Long and thin? Multiple inputs? Upward-firing drivers? Hang on a minute. Though this soundbar only has three front-facing drivers, Sony claims it can still produce a 7. Along with the soundbar, there's also a subwoofer with a 16cm driver to add low-frequency weight.

The HT-ZF9 measures about a metre long, with a removable grill to hide its drivers. Spotify and Google Chromecast are also on the menu.

Sony Z9F Soundbar ARC Setup Guide- Ep.259

Setting up the soundbar is simple enough. Hitting the 'home' button takes you to a three-part menu screen, divided into 'Watch', 'Listen' and 'Set-up'. MORE: Best soundbar and soundbase deals.

These modes are worth trying out, but personal preference will dictate how much you use them. Switching to 'Music' bolsters the midrange on Daft Punk's Get Luckybut also makes the song sound more condensed and focused. It is automatically overridden when the soundbar detects Dolby Atmos content. How can you get it? The HT-ZF9 sounds pretty good. We play the Dolby Atmos soundtrack to Justice League and the soundbar does a solid job at placing different elements of the soundtrack.

As the parademons fly around the home of a vulnerable family, you can clearly pick out where the hum of each of their alien wings is coming from. Although there is a good sense of height and width here when compared to other similarly priced soundbars, zooming heroes flying overhead seem to be coming from the top of the television rather than directly above you.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Audio Cutting In and Out Solved

Tonal balance is surprisingly well handled. Dialogue comes through clearly in the midrange, without getting the way of treble frequencies or being overloaded by bass when a superhuman punch from the Man of Steel shoots Aquaman into a nearby building, for example.

MORE: 11 of the best film scenes to test surround sound. Each pounce is punchy, and the rumbling sound as the creature smashes through trees is conveyed well. However, during bigger battles whether playing Dolby Atmos or a more conventional stereo mix the sound becomes a little muddled.Welcome to audio hell.

sony htz9f cutting out

Admittedly, there is no fire or brimstone and no ghastly pain and suffering--other than that of a homeowner who has spent nearly ten years trying unsuccessfully to make his damned TV, movies, and--occasionally--music sound good in this room. While the average visitor sees what seems like a bright, inviting room in a pleasant home, to me it has been sonic hell. I'll explain why in The Hookup section of this review. Several lower-end soundbars have been tried in an effort to ease my aural anguish, which has been characterized primarily by inaudible dialogue and unconvincing imaging.

Conventional speaker systems might sound better, but they're not practical in this acoustic hellhole of a room. Attempting to reproduce good sound in it made me feel like Mr. The HT-Z9F is more of a grand slam than a simple solo home run, and not merely because it tamed my room's terrible acoustics. This appears to be a well-built system in which everything feels solid. It's pretty obvious that Sony asked its industrial engineers to pay attention to aesthetics, too.

All three components feature perforated, charcoal gray metal grilles, non-removable on the satellites but magnetic on the soundbar. Removing the soundbar's grille reveals a base plate that looks like brushed aluminum but appears to be composite.

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The wireless, forward-facing subwoofer is more unassuming than the other components. Its MDF cabinet is covered in a low-sheen black laminate on all but the front and back. The front features a highly polished black sound port mounted just beneath a fixed, black cloth grille that hides its driver. Sony says the soundbar and sub deliver watts of power; the satellites 50 watts each.

All of that is packaged into components compact enough to fit just about any TV viewing room. The The business end of the soundbar contains a trio of 46mm 1. Its grille hides a mm 6. Each of the satellites measures 4 by 6. In addition to the obligatory AC power cords, the rears of the subwoofer and satellites each contain two buttons: one for power and one to manually link the component to the soundbar in the rare case it doesn't connect automatically.

Tiny pinprick lights on the front of the sub and rear of the satellites indicate their status; red when the soundbar is off, solid green when it is powered-up and linked, and flashing green if a speaker needs to be linked manually. The system's IR remote measures 6.

Its buttons have a firm feel and provide direct control of virtually all of the HT-Z9F's vast array of functions and features. Those add up to a list so long it would tire Santa, but here are the highlights: Built-in music streaming through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Google Chromecast; connectivity to Bluetooth headphones and the ability to stream music wirelessly to other rooms with some Sony speakers.

Sony describes the HT-Z9F as a 3. You don't have to be a mathematician to question how those numbers add up. How can a soundbar with just three speakers sans the optional satellites and a sub deliver surround sound? And how can it deliver the vertical and overhead sound associated Dolby Atmos and DTS:X when it lacks upward firing or overhead speakers?

The answer is: virtually. The Hookup Claiming I "set up" Sony's slender soundbar is a bit like claiming I ran at Indianapolis Motor Speedway because someone once drove me around the track in a pace car.

The fact is that everything about the HT-Z9F hookup is impossibly easy, thanks to Sony's attention to detail. If you've ever gnashed your teeth over foldout quick-start guides filled with obtuse directions and unidentifiable images, you will want to create a Library of Congress Hall of Fame and nominate Sony's tech writers as its first inductees.

The Startup Guide contains just five brilliantly illustrated steps, two of which describe installing batteries in the remote and turning on your TV. The accompanying page owner's manual is clear, concise, and comprehensive enough to make the average automobile owner's manual look like it was designed and illustrated by illiterates.

And, yes, you read that right: Unlike many AV companies, Sony actually provides a printed owner's manual so customers don't have to visit cyberspace for detailed instructions and information about their new device. This interactive guide is also necessary to perform certain functions, such as using Chromecast for the first time subsequent connections are automatic or connecting the HT-Z9F to your home network using the soundbar's wired LAN port or its built-in wireless You might not be inclined to spend a lot of money on a soundbar, especially if you haven't spent much on your TV.

However, if you're keen to turn your living room into a full-fledged entertainment centre, you might want to bump up your budget and invest in a good audio system. Although the screen is the heart and soul of any entertainment setup, it's important to also invest in good sound for the complete experience.

We would always recommend a proper surround sound system if you have the space for it, but when space, positioning, or cost are issues, you might want to look at a soundbar.

If you've spent a couple of lakh rupees on your TV, an entry-level soundbar simply won't cut it. Priced at Rs.

sony htz9f cutting out

It's feature-filled and meant to be used with high-end TVs. The 3. Is it worth spending over Rs. Find out in our review. While that model is well-equipped for the price, the HT-Z9F does offer a fair bit more for the additional money, the most important of which is a separate subwoofer for bass, in addition to the three-channel bar. The bar speaker of the Sony HT-Z9F is 1m long — a little less than the typical width of a inch TV — and has the front left, centre, and front right channels built into it.

The subwoofer is a large block that is ideally positioned just to the side of the TV, and connects to the bar speaker wirelessly. You do of course have to plug the subwoofer into a power outlet, but the lack of interconnecting wires meant that there's a bit more flexibility in terms of where to position the subwoofer.

Both the bar speaker and subwoofer look rather plain, but the understated design has a sense of elegance to it which we appreciated. The finish and textures of the components of the Sony HT-Z9F are tasteful without being too attention-grabbing; a soundbar is meant to be about the sound after all, while the TV screen is what you should be looking at.

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The bar speaker has a magnetically attached grille at the front that can be removed if needed; we preferred the look with the grille attached. The front of the bar speaker has a monochrome display that shows basic information such as the volume level, the input source in use, and other relevant information. The top of the bar speaker has touch buttons which control power, volume, and source selection, but the remote meant that we didn't often need to use these.

There is Wi-Fi If you have any Alexa-enabled devices at home, you can also use these to communicate with the soundbar. Apart from its core functionality as a sound system for your TV, the Sony HT-Z9F can be used as a standalone speaker, which connects wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to source devices. It also has built-in Chromecast for audio, letting you cast from compatible audio apps on a smartphone or tablet. While the Rs. This pair of speakers needs to be connected to power each needs to be connected to its own power socketbut connects wirelessly to the Sony HT-Z9F just like the subwoofer.

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Although you don't strictly need these, they might be a good addition to the system if you can bump up your budget a bit and find the space to position and plug them in.

The point of a soundbar is to sound better than your TV, while occupying less space and being easier to install than a proper surround sound system.

The Sony HT-Z9F does all of that capably, making your TV shows and movies sound not only louder but also sharper, more detailed, and much more enjoyable. We started out using the soundbar and subwoofer individually, without connecting the SA-Z9R speakers. Apart from the obvious boost in volume compared to the output of the TV alone, we could also immediately hear a huge difference in sound quality when using the soundbar.

While watching Shaft on Netflix, we were able to distinctly tell when certain sounds, such as gunshots or explosions, came from either side of the frame.

This was particularly evident when watching Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald on Amazon Prime Video, which has an exciting — and very loud — opening scene with haunting music, heavy rain, and sharp dialogue. The Sony HT-Z9F soundbar did an admirable job with all the elements of this scene, producing far more engaging audio performance than even the visuals from the MarQ TV.

As was the case before, it only seems to offer some directional sense relative to the screen of the TV itself, rather than virtually recreating actual surround speakers or vertical channels. The tuning of the soundbar is excellent and ideal for its purpose, with a strong focus on the low-end and mid range.I deleted the Sonos app off my phone, deleted the Google Home Sonos Setup, Factory reset my tv, factory reset the sonos speakers, created a new Sonos Account then reinstalled everything including Sonos app, Google Home app and started anew with a new Sonos login and it fixed it.

Pain in my butt and years of torture but finally solved. Thanks for your response. I have a new Sony Bravia TV and the volume on Playbar and the surrounds fades in and out, but only when listening to music, it never happens while watching TV. Has anyone else experienced that scenario? I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available, but are available Monday through Friday during business hours. There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

Thank you, I should have added slightly more context, sorry about that. But each time the fading returned while streaming music almost as soon as we got off the phone. I plugged the TV back in and the fading returned within a few minutes while streaming music. Mind you it never fades while watching TV. If I can isolate why it is sending errant signals to Playbar while streaming music perhaps I can address it. Thanks again for your thoughts. Most odd. My thought is it would be either on or off.

But it would be a no cost test, at the least. Hi guys. My sound from sonos to tv stopped working. I have a Sony tv and sonos beam. It works with Netflix but not tv sound Hey, is it a new issue? Is your TV up to date? Already have an account? Use your Sonos login details to log in to your account, or register one to engage with the community.

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